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Dissecting the Data: Black Families in Houston County

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

A recent series on class, income mobility, and poverty highlight some basic truths about what we think we know about the economic racial divide in our country versus what the data actually proves to be true. We contacted Black Demographics to create a profile in Black and White for Houston County, and found some interesting facts.

In a March 2018 study released by Stanford University researchers and the New York Times's Upshot, Americans found the most comprehensive study on race and economic mobility since a 1965 report by Democratic Senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, known as The Moynihan Report.

"African Americans have been told you have to be better, try harder, work smarter, but this still has not closed the wealth gap." - Antonio Moore, L.A. based attorney and Emmy nominated producer

Let's take a closer look at our own community, and try to understand how we can command brighter, sustainable futures for Black families in Middle Georgia's "most Progressive county".

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