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Empowering Girls to Control their Future.

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Girls must feel empowered to control their future. They need role models, training, and resources so their education translates to good decisions and bright futures. #successiswrittenalloveryou

Kamryn, 18, pictured with her academic portfolio, which is a program requirement for all MSK participants.

One thing required of all girls in the My Sister's Keeper program is an academic (career/education) portfolio. We include our resume, transcripts, tests scores, accomplishments, community service log, top three colleges we want to attend w/admissions requirements, business cards from women and professionals we meet, and letters of recommendation. These are all of the things we need to hold ourselves accountable for our own success, and to begin building a network.

"I started on my portfolio roughly three years ago and recently I was able to showcase it at a college fair." Kamryn, 18

Before MSK, I did not have a portfolio organized in this manner, and none of the other programs I was involved in required this kind of commitment from its members.

Winning My Future

Over the years with MSK, I kept my portfolio updated. When I attended my first college fair without my parents, I was able to bring it along with me and show it to the recruiters. Many people were impressed not only because of my scores, but at the fact that I had taken time to create something so simple, yet efficient. Since I had copies of my test scores and transcript available in my portfolio, I was able to provide representatives my information, and because of this, I received several acceptances on the spot. I also received over $130,000.00 in scholarship offers! This portfolio is just one of the many tools the MSK program has provided to help us succeed in starting our future." #ilovemsk

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