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April 30th - Black Women & Girls Awareness Day GA


We remain grateful to Governor Nathan Deal for signing a proclamation in 2017 to recognize April 30th as Black Women and Girls day in GA. For the past two years, we've worked to amplify our mission, to educate others about the need to establish a Commission on Black women and girls in GA.

2017 Proclamation signed by Gov. Nathan Deal recognizing April 30 as Black Women & Girls Awareness Day in GA

On February 19, 2019, you were part of the second annual Black Women & Girls Advocacy day at the Georgia State Capitol. It’s a day that we will remember forever, and we hope you will, too.

Women gathered from all corners of the state to ask legislators for their support in establishing a Commission on Black Women & Girls in GA, and to really elevate and center the lives of over 1.5 million citizens in our state -- those who are the most marginalized, least protected, and who are the most utilized, but under-represented.

It was eye opening listening as panelists and legislators spoke directly to the issues affecting our quality of life, and the need for substantive policy changes in our state. Although every circumstance is different, we are keenly aware of what the data reveals when it comes to socioeconomic factors affecting Black women and girls’ livelihood. There are many amazing organizations working to address these challenges, but for all of our individual efforts, our collective quality of life is not improving. We need a central repository for data collection, resource sharing, solutions offering, and advocacy specifically for Black women and girls – one that will serve the ENTIRE state of GA.

We felt empowered witnessing Black girls stand in their agency and engage in conversation with one another about the challenges they face in their homes, schools, and communities. Our girls are WOKE on school to prison pipeline and child trafficking and teen violence and mental health, etc.—it is a shame that they have to be. We affirm that ALL Black girls deserve to inherit a better world, whether they are in metro-Atlanta or rural Baxley, that provides them with more opportunities and fewer barriers to success!

Our hearts broke hearing our Elder-mothers express the challenges they face when pushed-out or retired from the workplace, and of being primary caregivers later in life. We listened to their sentiments of feeling excluded from the Black girl magic space. Our Elder-mothers have much to offer, and they need our advocacy more than ever. We committed ourselves to an inclusive movement deeply rooted in the wisdom that they bring to strengthen our organizing.

“Our work is difficult, but is has never been more important.” Fenika Miller - Founder

We can all agree that it was an amazing day, but our work must continue. That is why we are asking you to join us for a day of action on April 30th to celebrate Black Women & Girls Awareness Day in GA. You choose how to recognize the day in your community – contact your legislator or elected official, launch a social media campaign, host a rally or town hall, or simply speak to those friends, neighbors, classmates in your circle about the challenges facing Black women and girls, and come up with ways we can solve them—TOGETHER. Let’s put some Black Girl MUSCLE behind our MAGIC!

Sign up today to register your action, and sign the petition to establish a Commission on Black Women & Girls in GA.

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